Friday, May 17, 2019


She didn't lick like a dog,
Nor was small like an ant.
That's all because TRUDY
Was our fam'ly's elephant.
She had a long gray trunk
That was squishy to hold,
Which she used to snuggle
On nights that were cold.
She would tromp through our home,
Making sounds of parade
She ate sweet ripe bananas
And drank sour lemonade.
She was scared of dark nights,
'Cause for a beast she was little
Her eyes glowed like blue starlights
Her breath sweet like peanut brittle.
She was helpful. She was kind.
She was funny and nice.
She was fun to have around.
Such a treat with some spice!
And though she made messes
Big and small 'round our place,
There's a hole in our hearts
Where she'll always have a space.

My daughter, Mirasyn had an activity at school called Camp Learn-a-lot. The teacher had us write letters to the kids as if they were away at a summer camp. I wanted to write something interesting, as Mirasyn is quite creative and has an incredible imagination. I told how her mom missed her so much that in her grief she went out and bought a pet baby elephant. I followed up the first letter with a second telling how Mom came to her senses and took the elephant back. Nonetheless, the elephant, Gertrude "Trudy" still left a lasting impression. In this poem, it is a remembrance of that elephant, which has all the same characteristics of my Mirasyn!

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