Tuesday, January 30, 2018


I stand at the top of the slope looking down

I'm here with my wife on a date outside town

We're bundled from head to the toes in our boots

Surveying the skiers that zoom down the chutes

We're strapped in our bindings and ready to go

To have a great time in the powdery snow

Our boards cut through edges and carve out our groove

My wife is quite good so I feel I must prove

That I can keep up and be cool as she is

To glide like an eagle with grace like a wiz.

But gravity's not much a friend to poor me

I slide round befuddled a lot like a bee

That can't fly so graceful 'cause bees aren't so good

At being like eagles on a thin piece of wood.

So zig zagging down the mountain I slide

Completely without an ounce of cool pride

But never without a smile on my face

'Cause after I fall she's there to embrace

She kisses me soft at the base of the slope

And lifts up my spirits to load me with hope

A true friend to me who fills life with thrills

And takes me advent'ring on snow covered hills

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