Saturday, February 10, 2018


Listen oh ye fair and young!
The tale of Earth and Sky once past.
Its song from cliffs and clouds is sung
A doubtful friendship forged yet fast.

We tell the tale writ in song
When wing and hammer in concert beat.
Korin Ithrik’s earthen throngs
Laid aid at Arudanni feet.

Look up, fair one, in the azure sky
The wing-ed race strong and proud.
Though, t’was a time when they couldn’t fly
Nor claim the home among the cloud.

Sheenova wise the Welkin-mother
Looked down on Regnum long ago.
Commanded there be formed another,
A plume from her began to grow.

A race birthed from a single feather
Plucked from tail of Sheenova’s hind
From Her image they’re formed together
Aruda heirs forever twined

That feather fell from Aruda's throne
Descending down upon a pool
In Jalfast’s waters life was grown
Kravaku first, then Kukkatul.

Sheenova came, descent like a dove
To see Her children she had formed
And give them Law She hewed from Love
With promise they would be transformed.

The Goddess asked to never forget
Speaking to them of faith and trust:
"Ensure the poor that their needs are met
Denying self and turn from lust.

"If you will hark and obey this my law
In faith place at my judgment seat
All will I cause to see you in awe
And gift you wings on winds to beat."

Before their god, the two made this vow
“With all our race!” They shouted loud.
“Sheenova, please to our race endow
The gift of flight above the cloud!”

On Jalfast's shores together they made
A humble nest of reeds and clay
To harbor safe the eggs which they laid
In thoughtful care wait for the day,

A brood they'd raise with wings tinted gold
And 'pon these chicks a nation laid.
For this is how the story is told
From hen to chick so vows won’t fade. be continued....

A bit of explanation. Like Galilee, My Home and a few others, this poem was written when I was helping create a world for our Roleplaying Campaign, called Regnum. The world was inhabited by various races. One of which was the Arudanni, a bird-man. They were supposedly created by the goddess of the sky, Uwa, who they called Sheenova. When she visited her Arudanni prophets she took the form of a massive mythical Aruda, sort of like a middle eastern thunderbird. The story is the inkling beginning of an epic poem that tells the story of a union made between this bird-man race and the Dwarves, which are lead by King Korin Ithrik.
The pool of Jalfast is a sacred pool that sits at the base of Mount Skyfast.
I wanted to post this poem for two reasons. I wanted to revise it. There were some areas where the rhythm got sort of choppy. Second, I wanted to continue this poem. After all, it was supposed to be an epic.

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