Monday, December 4, 2017



I wanted to create a site
As a means to clear the mind
Of all the increasing plight
That plagues and cracks and binds.

I wanted to write such words
As a means to set a free
The flock of poor enslaved birds
Caged in my soul by me.

For words are alive; they move
The sinews of love and hate.
They provide a stride and groove
To which all abdicate.

I want now an ear to hear
As I bear entropic rhyme
To calm my ensemble of fear
And pass away Earth's time

December 4, 2017

After reading through my dad's journals after his passing, I was moved when I discovered his poetry. I knew that the poems existed. I had even heard them on occasion. Yet, I had never seen them as a collection. I felt that I needed to create something as lasting as he did. Furthermore, I find myself in a troubling time in my life. Through life's fate and mistakes of my own making, the beat of life has become off from the beat of my own heart. Or better put, the beat of MY heart is become out of synch with the beat of happiness and happy living. I want to get back to that, rather than just live aimlessly. I want to live with ambition and passion. This blog is my poem. And so I begin.

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