Friday, December 15, 2017



Thou art a prince — unto you, 
I will impart at length 
Great blessing for thy efforts vast, 
And to thy family strength.
That surely they'll abide the day, 
And never wane the hour
Forever shall flow unto thee 
These blessings and their power.

Concerning the ministrations 
Of angels and their yield: 
Their time for you is not yet here, 
But for the future sealed;
Remember the words of prophets, 
Their words are given thee.
Know this, thy prayers goeth not unseen; 
I'v heard thy humble plea. 

Thou shalt do all thou doest 
In the name of Christ thy Lord.
Thy efforts shall not be in vain, 
Thy needs shall be adored.
For God has seen thy righteous work, 
He'll keep you in his hand
Seek with an open heart and mind, 
And heed his counsels grand

Thou art a prince, oh mortal man! 
From thee is much required
If thou art true and faithful here 
Below as I’ve desired
Unto thee I give treasures both
In Heaven and on Earth;
Ever shall you prosper my prince 
And live a life of worth.

This poem was compiled from some of the writings that I found in Dad's journal. At many times in his life, he felt forsaken. He desired recognition from God: a small word or direction. He lived his life by revelation. And, in the doctrine of the ministering of angels, he had a lot of questions. He prayed hard and long to understand angels and their work among men. Particularly, he wanted to know if he would ever see an angel. He shares an experience that he had in the temple where he claimed to have been visited by an angel. Yet, I believe even he doubt its veracity. To me as a kid, it seemed that he was stretching a bit to believe in this visitation. My grandmother Johnson had had many experiences where spirits and angels had visited her. My dad wanted that same gift. So, after studying much how he could acquire this gift, he received a revelation. This poem is a reflection of that revelation. It is also a poem of hope and how God sees you and me. Enjoy!

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