Tuesday, January 16, 2018


Wandering in the whirly windy white
Lost amid this icy wintery sight
Wondering whether
The weather will get better

Fidgeting frozen fingers freezing from
Lack of radiant warmth coming from the sun
Why this foul weather
That's freezing this fowl's feathers?

Shivering sheepishly shamed by the snow
Like a summer toad against this wintery foe
Will this scene ever
Be seen as sizzling weather?

Chittering, chattering teeth and chapped cheeks
Lots of grizzled clouds looming round for weeks
Whipped collar weather
Will boil your choler redder!

My dad wrote a variety of poems. Many of his best poem where about nature. But my dad seemed to capture what we saw as normal in a wit and curious way. I tried to do this about winter. I love the winter, but there at times that I struggle. This poem's whimsy in the usage of alliterations, homophones and broken rhythm is an expression of what I love about winter. While the actual words are what sting me about winter.

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