Friday, January 12, 2018


The wooden box held time itself
With scrapes and gouges in the sides.
It sat there angled on the shelf
Unmoved, lid closed it now resides

For several years forgotten, then
A man walks past in deep, deep thought
Espies the box, recalls again
The treasures placed within that spot.

Awakened from his reverie
With eagerness and hasty mind
The man draws near the box to see
What tokens there he left behind.

In hand he takes the old wood chest
Blows off the dust and notes aside
It bears a weight of heftiness
What richly wealth was hid inside?

Excited, he removes the lid
With highly hopes and dreams resound
Looks down upon what's now unhid
And sees three simple items found.

Somewhat with feelings of chagrin
That he had kept just three small things
He took the first with gleeful grin
Awakening rememberings.

He held in hand an old pen knife.
And with its touch was flooded then
With memories of Granddad's life,
His tales of war returned again.

His Granddad gave to him this blade
When he was young to keep and use
And with its gift a lesson weighed
About the words he hoped he'd choose.

For Granddad said to each is grant
His tongue by God and like this knife
Can cut and stab like sword in hand
In thoughtless speech of spite and strife.

But those who grace the world in speech
That's wise and good, as quoth the psalm
Will still the storm, the poor will reach
To heal their heart with Gilead's Balm.

The pocket knife he then returned
Into the box with thoughtful hope,
And took the next to be decerned
That lay inside an envelope.

The paper pouch contained a pair
Of cuff links made of brass and gold
His father gave to him to wear
The day he took his bride to hold.

And with this gift a lesson shone
His father kind to him advised.
The cuff link pair had worth alone
But when combined they're truly prized.

This moral wise is also true
Of those who strive to be agreed.
Through work and prayer they can accrue
A price divine, none can exceed.

He placed the cuff links back with care
With hope these lessons would remain.
And drew the final token there
A silver watch with gilded chain.

A gift of love from his own son
That he received one Christmas Day
To honor him for all he'd done
A gift that time would ne'er decay.

A pocket watch with locket door,
Inside inscribed read, "To my dad,
Who e'er made time for me and more
To laugh and dream, for this I'm glad."

A cherished prose that lit his soul
It brought back thoughts of time well played
Upon the lakes and sandy shoals
To raise a boy, foundations laid

The hands of time will always turn
And we must ever seize the day,
And fight for all that we so yearn
Else fast shall fly from us away.

Returning now the time piece back
Unto its place amid the rest
And gently closed the lid a crack
Upon the shelf returned the chest

Until the day it would appease
A tired soul to raise and lift,
To gaze upon blessed memories
And all his generations' gifts.

This poem was meant to be written for the New Year, but I was having trouble getting the right words out. I hope it brings brilliance to the storms we all face. This year remember the kindness of others and the love they have for you. Look around you every day for the lessons that life will teach. Write them down. Share them. What gifts have you been given that have brought great meaning to you? Share them in the comments below. Thank you for reading! 

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