Saturday, February 10, 2018


Where once there was grief
With strength please replace
For sadness relief
Give peace in its place

We'll never forget
That all is not lost
We'll never regret
The bridges we've crossed

'Cause all is for good
And nothing's for naught
When life's understood
Through lessons it taught

To us send down grace
From powers above
That we might embrace
You fully with love

You've formed us, you've sent us
You've tried us, and proved us
All to transform us, augment us
Apply us, improve us

'Cause we are your prized
We shouldn't feel bad
When we are resized
A lot or a tad

We'll never regret
The price that was cost
And never forget
The bridges we've crossed

This poem is dedicated to my mom. Tomorrow is her birthday. She always was one who liked to learn from her hardships. In all her moments of trial, she never doubted or rebuked her savior. She simply asked, "How can I do better?" I took her teachings about trials and adversity on my mission with me. I would pray in companionship prayer, "Father, give us trials today that we might become stronger." My companion got kind of upset. He said, "Smith, we already have enough problems to deal with. We don't need God sending more." His mom didn't teach him what mine had. Trials are not obstacles in the path. They are the stepping stones at the base of a pyramid. Climb them and you will reach their heights!

So to all that struggle this day. Turn back around to the stressors and problems chasing you. Turn around and stand your ground. Be filled with the Light of Christ, and say to those things you fear, "Bring it, I AM here!"

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