Monday, July 29, 2019


To whom bear the Lord's vessels give heed the Lord's will
For he speaks to our day as he spoke in days old
And his voice as rainfall and like dew shall distil
To give strength to the weak and give peace to the bold

That the order and will of the Lord may be known
Of the temporal health and of man's mortal frame
The great God of the heavens revealed to his own
A wise counsel for all in this world to proclaim

And gave promises melded with principles sound
To adapt to the strength of the weakest of saint
Each capacity taken and none too profound
So that all could partake and be free of complaint

For He warned in that day and forewarned would exist
A conspiring design in the hearts of base men
To destroy and corrupt, and make hard to resist
Save we heed the Lord's wisdoms again and again

And all saints who remember to keep and do thus
Ever walking, obeying, observing this word
Shall receive in their navel the health he will bless
To their bones giveth marrow, so saith the Lord

And shall find hidden treasures esteemed of a saint
Yea, of wisdom and knowledge all treasures of worth
And shall run without wearing and walk and not faint
With good health all the days that they breathe on this Earth

And the Lord shall last give to the saint who obeys
Like the children of Israel who chose to do right
A great promise to span to the end of their days
That the angel of death shall pass by in the night

He will honor this pledge that was forged long ago
To pass over the just for the covenant made
And not slay them, instead shall a blessing bestow
For the Word of God's Wisdom aids those unafraid

So give heed to these words of inscribed holy writ
Know they come from a Father who watches with love
He is ever forgiving our sins he'll remit
But a sacrifice humble's required thereof

To whom bear the Lord's vessels be clean and be pure
And take hold of faith's shield and with peace thy feet shod.
Let your garments be white and forever endure
To the end and be found in the temples of God.

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