Monday, July 29, 2019

I have been trying to get back on my diet that I used to lose 40 lbs. And yet, I am finding that I can't stay on it. I keep having incredible cravings. The worst part is when I completely give in and give up. It got me thinking and questioning whether I am getting the help that I need. Is the universe against me in trying to achieve my goal.

That night I was thinking over these thoughts I happen to meet with a friend, who I found out is also on a similar diet. We both gave encouragement to each other to be our best and do our best. It was after this meeting that I realized something profound. If you ever felt that the universe is conspiring against you, think again. Ask yourself this question, who wants you to fail at your goals? Is there really a group of people that are so cruel that they do not wish you to succeed at your goals? There is only one person that is shouting, "Failure!" And that is the little wretch inside. In fact, everyone beside this wretch if they knew about your goals would probably cheering you on to succeed. And yet, despite the overwhelming ratio of a trillion to one, I keep giving that one more credence than the trillion. It goes back to the lesson that I taught at my father's funeral. There at legions cheering us on. It is high time we start listening to them.

I wanted to write a poem about this

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