Friday, April 10, 2020


Here is a little diddy I wrote as the bard in the DnD campaign I play with my brothers.

Boom Comes the Ugly Troll

♪♫Boom, boom, boom Comes the ugly Troll
With his large hairy fists and the club he holds
♪♫Doom, doom, doom is our future here
When he hits your face and makes it smear
♪♫Loom, loom, loom has the darkness come
Shall we find a place to hide and run?
♪♫Tomb, tomb, tomb is drawing close
Will you quiv'r and shake like all his foes?
♪♫Gloom, gloom, gloom are your hearts I fear
When you are lost I shall shed a tear.

I imagine that it is sung to a minor key

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