Tuesday, December 26, 2017


Is This the Christmas That You Know?

We all unite in cheers and glee
To see a lighted Christmas tree
That's glut with gifts beneath its boughs
Each wrapped in silent, secret vows.

The shrills and thrills of children dear
All adding to the Christmas cheer
Thrashing open excitedly
All their presents carelessly.

Boxes, paper, lace bows and string
Are scatter over everything
They play with bright new toys with pride
While books and socks are thrown aside

Mom and dad are so exhausted
Stressed a bit from all it costed
So quickly did it come and go
Is this the Christmas that you know?

So when did this new Christmas stick
With elves on shelves and old Saint Nick?
Has all the gifts we have gotten
Made real Christmas be forgotten?

What about the fair young maiden
On the donkey's back was laden
Traveling to David's city
Asking for a bit of pity
From the keeper of the stable
To lend some space if he's able
And there upon the hay give birth
To the Savior of all the Earth?

What about the angels holy
Come to shepherds meek and lowly
Declaring tidings of God's plan
Of peace and joy, God's gift to man
And how they sang and filled the sky
With voices lovely from on high
That shook the ground in their splendor
Touching hearts like waves of thunder?

What about the star of light
Now shining newly in the night
Divinely placed by godly hand
To guide the wise from every land
Which long ago foretold would shine
 By sage and seer to be a sign
That marked the coming of a king
To man salvation He would bring?

What about when the child had grown
And in Gethsemane'd atone
For all the sins of who believed
Whose body from the grave retrieved?
For all the parts of this story
Would lack meaning without glory,
If never had that child grown up
To ever taste the bitter cup.

So when on Christmas with your gifts
When making all your shopping lists
Don't forget to take a moment
Pondering of Christ's atonement
That gift of gifts above the rest
Given to us when Christ expressed
A love so pure and fathomless
His birth we honor on Christmas.

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