Friday, January 12, 2018


Oh Setting Sun of ol’ Berkay
Thy red rock walls in full array
Warm my frame by its display
Signalling I’m home.

Leaning out o’er our skyship’s bow
Extending ‘yond what would allow
I see your towers closer now.
Excited that I’m home.

Our captain barks out his command
The crew move swift, I lend a hand
To take the ship down near the sand
Nearing to my home.

Descending through a turbid cloud
We then brake free from its thick shroud
In glee I raise my voice aloud
"Galilee, I’m home!"

Galilee’s gates are open wide.
Though her walls are cracked and dried
Her crimson flag flies high with pride
Welcoming me home.

The busy street and sand worn road
Once served as homes where I abode
My path has changed, so has my code.
Is this still my home?

But, the people frank, an avowed race
They greet us now with warm embrace
Upon each cheek a kiss they place
Greetings from my home.

Among the people I walk the street
Through Galilee I meet and greet
To hide my mirth is quite the feat.
Elated that I’m home.

Old friends come out from shady lairs
They lure me with their shiny wares
To come, return, lose all my cares
Steal away my home.

I’m sitting now in Kihnsed’s tow’r
Contemplating the midnight hour
Looking over the desert’s pow’r
Drawing me back home.

Can I escape these walls I see
Of stone and sand ’round my city
Surrounding this, my Galilee?
Abandoning my home?

A song upon the wind I hear
A distant cry, its drawing near
Her voice—-a spell; her words are clear,
"Tadje, come back home."

Remember I, where my quest stands.
It beckons me to leave the sands
And place I must in Asha’s hands
The mem’ry of my home.

I turn and wave goodbye, adieu
Heading back towards Chaaya’s crew
Return again, my vow renew
Leaving now my home.

But just before I leave I kneel
In honor there near Chaaya’s keel
And with my hand the sand I feel
A token from my home.

Aboard the ship we rise up high
Towards the deep blue azure sky
From o’er the rail aloud I cry,
"Galilee my home!"

This poem I wrote awhile back with my gaming group. We were playing in a fantasy setting where we soared around in a skyship called Chaaya's Quest. My character was a wizard from a desert city called Galilee. His mentor, Kihnsed, lived in Galilee too in a typical wizard's tower.

I wanted to post this one as I was behind a week working on my New Year's poem.

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