Monday, December 18, 2017


With My Love Now I Bide

Drab and gray the clouds rolled in;
The sky was cold and chill.
Drizzly air to their chagrin
As drops of rain did spill.

The sun behind a clouded veil
Knew not how to shine
For Sorrow made its bright beams pale
And hid its warmth behind.

Birds of song weren't perched about
Nor seen in flight that day
The chilled blown wind chide and flout
Their sweet bright songs away.

Resolute among his kin
A man with age and ill
Standing hunched in soaked through skin
With grief, alone and still.

Weeping now before a hole
Hollowed out by men's hand
Harrowed up, a pitied soul
Holding his wedding band.

Why was he left here to roam
With his love departed?
Cursed he felt to be alone,
Lost and heavyhearted.

Felt forsaken by his Maker
To live a sorrowed life.
For why else did He take her
Leaving man without wife?

Nights are harder than the day
For what else can be dreamt
When life's hope is ripped away
In its place, vain lament?

But days passed by, and then weeks
Seven months in fine
Life wasted off the man's cheeks
'Til Death came by with time.

His kin gathered once again
To lay him in the ground
On that day gone was the rain
The sun its joy had found.

Love birds flew and sung their song
Amid the summer air
Freed from nights lonely and long
Loving the new day fair.

Though the crowd with streaming tears
For sadness that he'd died
Upon the breeze one could hear
"With my love, now I 'bide"

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